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tiny pixels


dividers & frills

buttons, stamps, userboxes, blinkees



general tips:
★ try not to make your carrd embed heavy (specifically flashy/cool effects).. it will probably look like a mess + it will run on like 5fps

★ keep rainbow text / shaking effects / ect to a minimum

★ PLEASE make your text easy to read.. put your text on backgrounds that make it easy to read, no super bright text, and if youre gonna add outline to your text please try to make it easy to read.. you can change the outline width using decimals + webkit text stroke makes a cleaner outline than just using text shadows >_<

★ avoid those adventure / maze carrds... please...

★ marquees only look good for aesthetic purposes like putting lyrics. dont make ur main info (names age pronouns ect) move using marquees what makes you think i can read this fast

★ dont make your carrd on your phone

★ make your carrd accessible to mobile users or make a mobile friendly carrd. same goes for pc!